June 2016



Preparations are under way for the launch of the Black History Connections web site at Windrush Festival 2016 on the 26th June. Banners printed, just posters to be rolled and labelled, and cake to be made for pudding after feasting on all the good food cooked there during the day.

Can't wait to hear what people have to say about the information we have managed to find about local black history, and also how they want to tell the wider community these stories.

At the moment we are thinking about a trio of performances, with one on an old train! Let's see who goes for it.




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April 2016



The time has come for the collecting day, in partnership with the Harris Museum and Art Gallery. This one is a bit different though. We are off to Preston's market and setting up a stall there.

James Arnold, the history curator, is bringing along some of the social history photographs to show people that archives and collections can use all sorts of things to tell 'history stories'.

We now have the set of posters to give out to people on the day and hope to have some interesting conversations. We are hoping that all these moments of conversations will add to the information we have already found for the final publication.





January 2016




After a workshop at the Harris Museum around the notion of precious things in October, and the first of two collection days, we went off to the Windrush Christmas Party to talk to people and get some contact details for the trip to York coming up this year.
The posters have been finalised with help from Lancashire Archives, Preston's Educational Department and community volunteers so we have the final five ready and for we will use them to engage with community members and organisations for the rest of the project.





October 2015




The Exhibition at the Harris is now up and open for business. It has been an exciting experience beginning to accummulate information and seeing some Egyptian jewellery - real stuff thousands of years old, yet still vibrant.

It is easy to understand how the European explorers who raided the old tombs were so impressed and also how Egyptian art works influenced so much of modern European art.

I was particularly taken with the wooden mask as well. However you look at it, it is expressive.

The Harris Museum also has a collection of coins including several from the reign of Septimius Severus who brought his multi-cultural armies to this region. This and more in the exhbition. Go see!





July 2015




First things first - some Action-research!

What did people think of the style - was it engaging? Did it appeal? We are starting this project by working with the Harris Museum and Lancashire Archives to gather all the information available and make some posters.

We talked to lots of people and got contact details after we set up stall at the Windrush Festival - full of the people we want to receive the information.

The event is one of the few multicultural activities in the City that has a 'black flavour', where families of African heritage can get together to celebrate the endeavours of their community pioneers.

We learned a lot from the experience.